How to Create Custom List in Microsoft Office Excel 2007?

To create a Custom List, follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Open your Excel Worksheet.
  • Type the list in a column.
  • Select the list you have typed.

Custom List

  • Click on Office Button and choose Excel options.

Excel Options

  • In the Popular Tab, under Top options with working in Excel group, click on Edit custom list option.

Edit Custom List

  • The Custom List Dialog Box will appear on your screen.

Custom List

  • Because we have already selected the cells, the range is already filled in the “Import list from cells” text box.

Custom List Import

  • Click on Import Button to add your typed data as a new custom list.

Custom List Imported Successfully

  • Click on OK Button.
  • The list will be added to the custom list section.
  • In the Excel options dialog box, click on OK Button.

How to Disable Mini Toolbar in Excel 2007?

To Disable Mini Toolbar in Excel 2007, follow these steps.

  • Open your Excel Worksheet.
  • Write Some text in a cell.
  • Select the text and you will see Mini toolbar showing up slowly above the text you have selected.

Mini Toolbar

  • Click on Office Button.

Office Button

  • Click on Excel Options.

Excel Options

  • Under Popular Tab, uncheck on ‘Show Mini Toolbar on Selection‘ option.

Disable Mini Toolbar Excel 2007

  • Click on OK Button.
  • Again Select the text or write some text in another cell.
  • This time, Mini toolbar will not appear.