How to Stop Automatic Restart on System Failure

Whenever our system crashes, a Blue Screen of Death Appears for a few seconds and then vanishes without enabling us to get the error message that caused the major problem. We have to search in Event logs to know the root cause of the problem and luckily 90% of the users do not know about Event Viewer.

Even if the system restarts, there is no way that crash will not happen again. So, what I would like to tell you, there is a setting in Windows that will enable us to see why our system crashed and after enabling this setting, our system will not automatically restart, but will stuck at BSOD, until we manually restart it. This will enable us to see what is the root cause of the error, because BSOD gives us some sort of indication what the problem is. The error code is always in the hexadecimal code and we can Google it to prevent our PC from being crashed.

So here are the steps, which we will have to perform to avoid system restart in case our system crashes.

  • Log in to the Windows.
  • Right click on My computer Icon and select properties.
  • Click on Advanced System Settings. The system Properties Dialog Box Appears.


Advanced System Settings My Computer

  • Click on Settings Under Startup and Recovery.

Startup and Recovery Settings

  • On the next Window, uncheck Automatic Restart under System Failure and Press OK Button.

Automatic Restart on System Failure

  • On the System Properties Dialog Box, click on OK Button.

How to Create Custom List in Microsoft Office Excel 2007?

To create a Custom List, follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Open your Excel Worksheet.
  • Type the list in a column.
  • Select the list you have typed.

Custom List

  • Click on Office Button and choose Excel options.

Excel Options

  • In the Popular Tab, under Top options with working in Excel group, click on Edit custom list option.

Edit Custom List

  • The Custom List Dialog Box will appear on your screen.

Custom List

  • Because we have already selected the cells, the range is already filled in the “Import list from cells” text box.

Custom List Import

  • Click on Import Button to add your typed data as a new custom list.

Custom List Imported Successfully

  • Click on OK Button.
  • The list will be added to the custom list section.
  • In the Excel options dialog box, click on OK Button.

How to Disable Mini Toolbar in Excel 2007?

To Disable Mini Toolbar in Excel 2007, follow these steps.

  • Open your Excel Worksheet.
  • Write Some text in a cell.
  • Select the text and you will see Mini toolbar showing up slowly above the text you have selected.

Mini Toolbar

  • Click on Office Button.

Office Button

  • Click on Excel Options.

Excel Options

  • Under Popular Tab, uncheck on ‘Show Mini Toolbar on Selection‘ option.

Disable Mini Toolbar Excel 2007

  • Click on OK Button.
  • Again Select the text or write some text in another cell.
  • This time, Mini toolbar will not appear.